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    Call for papers

The deadline for submission of proposals for communications is now closed. No new submissions will be accepted

For the submission of research communications, the congress Word template must be used in all cases, strictly respecting the established format, which will consist of a minimum of three pages and a maximum of four, including the cover page. Papers may be written in Spanish, Portuguese or English.     image

The communication must be structured in the following sections: theoretical background, objective(s), methodology, results and main conclusions obtained. A different structure may be used for the communication if the proposal's content is innovative didactic or professional experiences. On the first page, in addition to the communication title, all authors' full names, institutional affiliations, and e-mail addresses must be included, bearing in mind that the first author will be the one designated to correspond with the Scientific Committee. In addition, at the bottom of the first page, the subject area in which you wish the work to be included should be indicated, without prejudice to the fact that the work may be assigned to another area by the decision of the Scientific Committee.

Each communication may include a maximum of four authors, and the same author may not appear in more than three communications. In order for the communication to be presented and included in the congress book, every one of the authors must be registered in one of the modalities (at least one of them must be registered in the modality of registration with attendance or online presentation).

All communications will be grouped by thematic area and placed in one of the parallel sessions of the congress and must be presented by one of the authors in person. However, for authors residing abroad, it is possible to make the presentation via videoconference. For this purpose, all the presentations that are presented online will be grouped and placed in the same room, regardless of the subject matter.

The authors will have between 8 and 10 minutes for the free presentation in PowerPoint, PDF or Prezi format and will answer questions after the presentation.

The aim is that all contributions can be defended in the form of communication. However, if, due to an unexpectedly high number of submissions, there is not enough space for all the works to be presented by this means, a space will be reserved for their presentation in poster format. In this case, the Scientific Committee reserves the right to select the presentation format for each paper, which will be indicated to the author together with the confirmation of final acceptance.

Key dates

  • 17 APRIL 2022: Deadline for receipt of papers.
  • 1 MAY 2022: Confirmation of accepted papers.
  • 8 MAY 2022: Reduced registration deadline.
  • 1-3 JUNE 2022: Celebration CIED12.

How to send the communication?

The communication proposal must be sent in Word format by the first author to the following e-mail address:


The subject of the email should follow the following structure:

[CIED12 Toledo Congress - Paper proposal] Surname of the first author + comma + first name initial + sig more + abbreviated title of the communication


[CIED12 Toledo Congress - Communication proposal] Gallardo-Guerrero, L. + Social Media and Superliga

In the body of the e-mail, after the usual greeting, the first author must indicate the full title of the work and the subject area in which the work is framed, as well as the name and surname of all the co-authors of the work.

Example (can copy and paste the structure to facilitate your work):

Dear CIED12 Toledo Organising Committee,

In this email, we attach a Word document containing the work entitled "Analysis of the impact of the Superliga through social media", framed in the thematic area of the congress: "Digital transformation in sport".

The work has been carried out by the following authors:

1. Leonor Gallardo-Guerrero.

2. Jorge García-Unanue.

3. Samuel López-Carril.

We are awaiting confirmation that the submitted work has been received so that it can be evaluated with a view to being presented at CIED12 Toledo.

Yours sincerely,

The authors

A member of the organising committee will confirm the correct reception of the work, indicating possible corrections if necessary. If no confirmation of receipt has been received within 4-5 days, the Organising Committee should be contacted again in case there has been an error in the receipt of the work.

When the deadline for submission of communications has expired, the Organising Committee will send all the communications to the Scientific Committee for evaluation.

The evaluations of the communications will result in a verdict of the Scientific Committee from among the following:

  1. Communication accepted without changes.
  2. Communication accepted subject to changes.
  3. Communication rejected.

The first author of each paper will receive the Scientific Committee's verdict in the same e-mail address used to send the communication. This person will be responsible for communicating the decision of the Scientific Committee to the other co-authors if any.

In the event that the submitted communication requires changes before being accepted, a specific deadline will be given to the authors to make the modifications indicated by the scientific committee. If the work is not resubmitted within the deadline with the expected changes, it will be automatically rejected.

The Scientific Committee reserves the right to propose a change of subject area if it deems it appropriate. Once the accepted papers are known, the Organising Committee will draw up a specific programme to announce the times and place for the defence of the communications.