CIED 12 Toledo
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CIED12 Toledo

Welcome to the XII Ibero-American Congress website on Economics of Sport, which will take place on 1, 2 and 3 June 2022 in Toledo, at the Campus Casco Histórico, Edificio San Pedro Mártir (Faculty of Law and Social Sciences of Toledo).

The Ibero-American Congress on Economics of Sport (CIED) is an annual meeting organised by the Spanish Society of Economics of Sport (SEED), which aims to become a must-attend event for academics and professionals working in the field of sport management and economics.

The Research Group on the Management of Sports Organisations and Facilities (IGOID) is taking up (with great enthusiasm) the challenge of all the great work done in CIED11 by colleagues from the University of A Coruña, giving the best of us so that the largest number of people interested in the economics and management of sport can attend the congress. 

In addition, this year, the CIED12 will include, within its programme, the I European Event of Digital Transformation in Sport (Digi-Sporting). 

Therefore, in this edition, the congress's main theme will be digitisation. A process driven by the pandemic caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus has transformed the sports industry. In this sense, digital technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, virtual reality, machine learning or social media are tools for sport managers that are increasingly important when making decisions and, above all, to offer a sports product adapted as much as possible to the demands and concerns of customers. For this reason, several CIED12 activities will take place within the framework of the Digi-Sporting event, including a new area of parallel sessions on digital transformation and technology in sport.

In any case, and as has been usual in past editions of the congress, the rest of the topics related to the economy and management of sport will be the cornerstone of the congress.

Furthermore, beyond the content of the congress, one of the main attractions of CIED12 is that it will be held in a university that is constantly growing and committed to innovation, research and internationalisation, such as the University of Castilla-La Mancha (UCLM), and in particular in a historic city like Toledo, whose cultural melting pot is sure to capture the interest of the attendees, making CIED12 a unique experience for all those who attend. In the words of Leonor Gallardo, Vice-Chancellor of Coordination, Communication and Promotion of the UCLM, leader of the IGOID group and president of CIED12 Toledo: "We expect a great event that will bring together university professors, students, athletes, business people, political, club and federation representatives, as well as other stakeholders, to share in Toledo the passion for sport management in an event that is sure to leave its mark".

Thus, Toledo continues the legacy of the ten previous editions to give continuity to an initiative that aims to configure the CIED as an excellent platform for disseminating research and advances in sport economics and management research in Spain well as in Portugal and Latin America.

In this line, both the Organising Committee and the Scientific Committee of the CIED12, redouble their commitment to the quality of the papers and contributions presented, and therefore invite the submission of original papers on any topic in the field of Economics of Sport and Sport Management before 17 April 2022, following the instructions given in the corresponding section of the website.

CIED 12 Toledo is especially addressed to:

  • Researchers and academics interested in the economics of sport.
  • Researchers and academics interested in sports management and marketing.
  • Professionals who work in one of the thematic areas proposed by the Conference.
  • Undergraduate students, mainly from: Economics, Business Administration and Management, Physical Activity and Sport Sciences, Marketing and, in general, degrees with interests in an economic and sports management perspective.
  • Master and PhD students related to the previous degrees.
  • Entrepreneurs and professionals of firms related to the sports sector.